O2 Generating Systems:

Oxygen is generated from clean, dry and compressed air by a separation process which uses the principle of selective adsorption. The air is passed through a bed of Zeolite Molecular Sieves which has a property of a very high degree of affinity to nitrogen. The Zeolite contains an infinite number of micropores and it retains the adsorbed nitrogen molecules in these pores.

Before this process is affected, the compressed air has to be purified by removing all contaminants i.e. solids, condensed liquids and oil & water vapors by passing it through Prefilter. Oil Removal Filter (not required if oil-free Compressor is used) and Air Dryer.

The dry & oil-free air from Air Dryer is stored in a Dry Air Receiver before it enters the PSA System. In this System, there are two adsorbers filled with ZMS, where nitrogen along with any traces of moisture are adsorbed and product gas (dry oxygen) comes out and passes to Oxygen Surge Vessel. In the PSA System, one adsorber is in the production cycle while the other is regenerated (desorbed) by depressurization.

The two adsorbers keep switching from adsorption to desorption automatically, through a sequence timer. The pressure in the adsorbers swings from atmospheric pressure to line pressure, which is why this process is known as Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA).


Oil Screw Air Compressor @ 7,5bar
Compressed Air Tank ( Max 16Bar ) with Drain Valve
Line Filter ( WS )
Line Filter ( P : 3 mic / — mg/m3 )
Line Filter ( X : 0.1 mic / 0.1 mg/m3 )
Dryer ( Refrigerant Type / +3˚C )
Line Filter ( Y : 0.1 mic / 0.01 mg/m3 )
Line Filter ( AC : — mic / 0.003 mg/m3 )
O2 Generator ( PSA )
* 2 molecular sieve beds,
* 1 pneumatic equipment
* 1 electrical equipment
Main technical data :
… produced oxygen flow
… produced oxygen concentration level : % 95 ~ +/- 1
… produced oxygen pressure level : 4.5 – 6 bar
Galvanized O2 Storage Tank ( Max 16 Bar )
Connection Equipment

Optional Equipment:

O2 Cylinder Filling High Pressure Compressor
Cylinder Manifold Station